Call and schedule a tour to visit Generations

Generations recommends that all prospective participants and their caregivers and/or caseworkers take an introductory guided tour of the facility before completing the application forms. To schedule a tour, please call Nancy Zarrella at 401-725-6400 x106 or

The application

When you have taken the tour and are ready to apply for admission to Generations, you will receive a 2-page application form to complete. We require a copy of most recent physical exam (needs to be within the last 12 months), current medication list and if applicable, behavioral health documentation.

Intake Interview

When we have received your completed application packet and it has been approved for participation in our program a staff member will call you to schedule an intake interview.

The intake interview will last approximately 60 minutes. We will discuss with you your rights and responsibilities as a program participant, any special needs you may have that we can accommodate, and how your participation is to be funded. We will also have you sign disclosure and consent documents. We will answer all your questions and assist you in selecting days of the week you would like to attend Generations. We will also discuss with you and your caregiver or caseworker a personal care plan for you. Transportation accommodations will also be discussed.

This care plan will guide you and us during your first three (3) months as a participant. At the end of your first three (3) months here, you will meet with a staff member to review and revise your care plan. We hope that your caregiver and/or your caseworker will attend each quarterly meeting to assist you and the staff at Generations to plan your care. Working as a team, we can assure that you, the participant, receive the very best Generations has to offer.

If you have one or more of the following legal documents: guardianship, power of attorney, living will or durable power of attorney for health care, please bring a copy of that document or documents with you to the interview.

Welcome to Generations!

Program participation usually begins 5 days after the intake interview. Welcome, we are happy to have you join our family!